How Long Does it Take to Replace an HVAC System in Broward County, FL?

Replacing an HVAC system in Broward County, Florida can take anywhere from four to eight hours. This time frame is based on the system, home, climate, and other factors. Before replacing your air conditioner, a certified HVAC specialist will provide you with an estimated time frame. In order to replace or install an air conditioning unit in Florida, you must obtain a building permit from your local county.

This is especially important in cities like Fort Lauderdale and other communities in Broward and Palm Beach counties. If you have hired an HVAC contractor to replace your air conditioner, they will likely obtain the necessary building permit on your behalf. Most HVAC equipment manufacturers require that the equipment be installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. If the equipment is not installed by an authorized HVAC contractor, the warranty coverage is void and the manufacturer will not cover the replacement of the defective parts.

The Florida Building Code requires licensed HVAC contractors to obtain a building permit to install, remove, or replace an air conditioning system. This process varies from county to county, but it is not necessary for individuals to obtain a permit. When replacing an HVAC system in Broward County, Florida, it is important to hire a certified HVAC specialist who can provide you with an estimated time frame and obtain the necessary building permit. This will ensure that your air conditioner is installed correctly and that you are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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